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Boost Your Earnings as a Pro Makeup Artist with TEMPTU Australia

Posted on July 02 2024

Are you looking to elevate your income and gain more exposure as a professional makeup artist? TEMPTU Australia offers the revolutionary airbrush makeup system and premier formulas that have transformed the beauty industry.


Used by countless pro makeup artists worldwide, TEMPTU provides flawless coverage with one tool that can create endless possibilities. By becoming an airbrush makeup artist, you'll acquire specialised skills that set you apart in the Australian makeup industry.

Premium Services at a Premium Price

As a TEMPTU Airbrush makeup artist, you can charge a premium for your services. Incorporating TEMPTU Airbrush into your kit enables you to offer a specialised skill set that commands higher prices, particularly for airbrush bridal makeup. Many TEMPTU Airbrush artists charge at least 30% more for airbrush makeup applications compared to traditional methods.

So, what makes TEMPTU airbrush makeup stand out? Unlike traditional techniques, TEMPTU airbrushing creates a flawless, long-lasting finish perfect for special occasions like weddings or photoshoots. The precision and control of TEMPTU’s patented airbrush technology allow for a more customised and natural look for each client. This is why tens of thousands of pro artists around the globe, including those in Australia, choose TEMPTU for work on sets, red carpets, editorial shoots, and weddings. In the bridal makeup world, airbrush makeup is the premier choice, with brides consistently seeking airbrush makeup artists for their special day. TEMPTU is the luxury airbrush makeup brand of choice.

Greater Coverage with Less Product

Traditional makeup can often feel heavy and cakey. TEMPTU’s airbrush technique and patented technology offer a solution, providing more even coverage with less product. Airbrush makeup is measured in drops, making it precise and efficient. TEMPTU transforms foundation into a microfine mist that sprays onto the skin, creating a beautiful, natural-looking finish that blends instantly.

Cut Application Time in Half

Time is a precious asset for makeup artists. TEMPTU’s top-feed airbrush options and premium airbrush formulas make providing your client with flawless skin fast and easy. Using TEMPTU’s pre-filled airpods can further reduce application time, making shade changes seamless and minimising cleaning between clients. Your clients will appreciate the quick, professional service, and you'll have more time for additional appointments or a well-deserved break.

Ready to Grow Your Business and Income?

TEMPTU products and services offer your clients what they have been searching for – a flawless complexion in half the time, delivered by a skilled professional. By offering specialised services at a premium price and versatile Pro membership options, TEMPTU provides the perfect solution for your makeup needs. Invest in a TEMPTU airbrush system, sign up for our Pro Membership today, and start reaping the benefits of enhanced earnings and client satisfaction.