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Step 1 Prep with Primer

For a poreless finish that diffuses imperfections, combats shine and helps makeup last longer, first prep skin using Base Smooth and Matte Primer.

Step 2 Begin with Flawless Foundation

Apply Airbrush Foundation in your perfect shade. Be sure to hold the TEMPTU Air 4-6 inches (a palm's length away) from the face, while gently pulling back on the SoftTouch Control and moving in small circular motions. Stop and look, repeat if necessary for desired coverage and finish with a soft, all-over layer to blend.

Step 3 Blush

Smile to pronounce the apples of your cheeks and starting there, apply Perfect Canvas Airpod Blush in True Blush holding the TEMPTU Air 1-2 inches away from the cheeks, sweeping upwards toward the temple. Build in sheer layers setting for 10-15 seconds between for a more dramatic flush.

Step 4 Highlight

Holding the TEMPTU Air 3-4 inches (come in a little closer) apply Perfect Canvas Airpod Highlighter in Champagne by pulling down gently on the SoftTouch Control moving in a back and forth "C" motion from the brow bone to the top of the cheekbone. Build in sheer layers to achieve that red carpet radiant look.